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Lojas Carrefour

With the acquisition of the BIG group by Carrefour, the expansion plan would need to be put into action for regions where Carrefour has less presence. In addition to standardized communication, following the institutional brand book, a strategic plan for promotion would also be necessary. I was involved in the entire process, knowing every step that would be taken, in order to develop the Brand's Visual Identity in point-of-sale, out-of-home (OOH), and digital media for those regions. In this working model, I participated in a Squad, which contributed to improved production and speed in meeting the demands, as well as having direct contact with Directors from each store who helped work towards a 360 approach, enabling the opening of the new stores. The entire process was carried out, starting from the briefing, interviews, location research, and understanding the target audience, in order to produce the promotional materials.

Team squad: Creative Director and Designer: Laís Mota, Managers: Amanda Johann eThays Santos
Media: Adriano Filho, Coordinator: Andrea Marcolino, 

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