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Carrefour is a Multinacional company. In Brazil Carrefour is the biggest private company and responsible about the supermarket and retail online. The target audience is everyone who consumes food and go shopping to buy it next to your home ou by the internet.

Below is a compilation of the main campaigns I have developed, both promotional and institutional, to talk more about the brand on important dates in retail. From videos, stories, and key visuals, all following the mood that allows for navigating hardsell campaigns with a focus on eye-catching colors that grab your customers' attention, with Carrefas as the main component and a focus on digital to boost online sales. In the institutional campaigns, the focus is on attracting consumers emotionally to reinforce the brand in the public's mind.

All the campaigns released had success increasing the navegation on site and stores +130% on sales.

Design, Motion creative direction: Laís Mota

Creative coordenation: Rafael Ribeiro

Copywritter: Thais Lemos

Company: Carrefour

Promotional - Video - app

Stories | sponsored

Awareness video - Mother's day

Key Visual - Awareness | Main Campaign


Key Visual - Promotional | Digital

KV_Mundo_Bebe_carrefas-VS02 (1).jpeg
KV-sua casa sua cara.jpg
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